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Mike Sawchuk
Principal Consultant

Known to be a bit of a Pitbull...

Turning the impossible into the possible, plans and activates assertive, enticing sales strategies to sharpen the competitive edge.

A pragmatic, insightful leader and coach, committed to igniting team spirit and driving performance.

Clear, precise and engaging communicator, serves with authority, drives compelling solutions, constantly seeks efficiencies while optimizing customer experience.

Notable Achievements:
 Devised and executed a comprehensive and integrated business development plan and changed the sales culture.  

(As Chief Business Development Officer for Avmor, Ltd)

 Boosted orders from 46% of budget to meet budget in 8 months, grew sales by 15%, and catapulted revenue by 53%. (While at Underwriter's Laboratories)

 Increased sales by 275%, maintained strong gross margins and net income, backed by ambitious sales plan.

(As Vice President & General Manager at Enviro-Solutions, Ltd)

We can bring this expertise to your business. 

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