"Over the past 15 years, I have had the unique pleasure of working with Mike in his advisory capacities with Sawchuk Consulting, and as a top executive at Avmor, UL and Enviro Solutions, where he was a valued supply partner..."

Warren Jacobs, MCL Sustainable Solutions

 "...In dealing with Mike, it became quickly very clear that he was very professional and tenacious. He easily demonstrated his ability to learn what we required by his listening skills and knowledge, then presented his solution and the added value ISO can provide. From there, he marshaled the necessary resources to execute the deliverables and solve any issues as they arose."

Max Busque, Acheteur Corporatif / Corporate Buyer at Fruit d'Or

"Mike's knowledge of the industry is extensive from basic product knowledge to sales and marketing. Having worked in Canada and the USA and for manufacturers and services businesses he sees the industry from a broad perspective.

It has been my pleasure to work with him in all of these roles."

Scott Jarden, President,

The Bullen Companies

"I have known Mike Sawchuk for over 20 years. 
From my time at Marriott Management Services, Sodexho Marriott, and Sodexo while Mike was at Enviro-Solutions and Airkem, to most recently with me at EFS Clean and Mike at Avmor. 
Mike is an expert on Sustainability Cleaning, knows the cleaning industry very well, understands what BSCs require from a cleaning chemical manufacturer and distributor, and is able to provide value, quickly. 
He can assist to deliver the cleanest, greenest, safest facility."

Bob Gehlen, VP of Operations,

Eco-Friendly Building Services, Ltd.